Urban Myths

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The eight one-off shows will "look at remarkable stories from well known historical, artistic and cultural figures, which may or may not have happened in real life..." "The films include Bob Dylan and Dave Stewart hanging out in Crouch End; an 18 year-old Adolf Hitler attempting to get into art school; Cary Grant and Timothy Leary taking LSD; Salvador Dali summoning Alice Cooper to sit for him; Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando going on a road-trip; Samuel Beckett driving Andre The Giant to school; Muhammad Ali saving a suicidal man; and The Sex Pistols and the story behind the infamous expletive-filled TV interview which announced the arrival of punk rock. "Using a generous dose of artistic license, the comedies are designed to mischievously spark viewers' imaginations and answer the question; 'if these events really did happen, how might they have played out?'"

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Scarica sottotitoli Urban Myths 1x011x01Bob Dylan 19-01-2017
Scarica sottotitoli Urban Myths 1x021x02Samuel Beckett And Andre The Giant 26-01-2017
Scarica sottotitoli Urban Myths 1x031x03Hitler The Artist 02-02-2017
Scarica sottotitoli Urban Myths 1x041x04Cary Grant And Timothy Leary 09-02-2017
Scarica sottotitoli Urban Myths 1x051x05Muhammad Ali 16-02-2017
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x06The Sex Pistols 23-02-2017
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x07Salvador Dali and Alice Cooper 02-03-2017

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Sottotitoli non disponibili2x01Marilyn Monroe and Billy Wilder 12-04-2018
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x02Backstage at Live Aid 19-04-2018
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x03Johnny Cash and the Ostrich 26-04-2018
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x04The Dali and the Cooper 03-05-2018
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x05David Bowie And Marc Bolan 10-05-2018
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x06Agatha Christie 17-05-2018
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x07Public Enemy 24-05-2018
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x08The Sex Pistols vs. Bill Grundy 31-05-2018

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