The Return of Jezebel James

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Sarah is an intelligent, optimistic and determined woman who has it all. She's a successful editor of children's books with a very helpful assistant Buddy who keeps her life together. Also she has a steady, no-strings-attached relationship with businessman Marcus Sonti a confirmed bachelor. Also Oz Dana Ivey will star as Molly an unspecified character on the series. At the same time Sarah's father, Ronald always reminds her that although she has the perfect job and boyfriend, something is missing in her life. When Sarah comes home from work she feels alone and she is also not getting any younger, so she decides to get pregnant. But the doctor soon tells her that she cannot have children, so Sarah begins an alternate plan. When she can't find anyone she can count on to have the baby for her, she turns to her estranged sister Coco. Coco refuses at first, but when Sarah mentions that she has turned Jezebel James, Coco's imaginary childhood friend, into a story book, Coco begins to take her sister's idea more seriously. Coco thinks about her current living status on her friend's couch and decides to go ahead with her sister's plan.

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