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This Is England is a 2010 British drama series written by Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne. A spin-off from the 2006 film This Is England, and set three years later, it focuses on the mod revival scene rather than the skinhead subculture. Like the film, This Is England stars Thomas Turgoose as Shaun, although Lol (Vicky McClure) and Woody (Joe Gilgun) play an even more central role. The story takes place during the 1986 FIFA World Cup. As Shaun completes his last school exam, he realises he will have to find his way in the world. His friends, who include Woody, Lol, Smell, Gadget and Meggy, are still around, looking for love, entertainment and employment

Stagione 1

Scarica sottotitoli This Is England '90 1x011x01'86 - Episode 1 07-09-2010
Scarica sottotitoli This Is England '90 1x021x02'86 - Episode 2 14-09-2010
Scarica sottotitoli This Is England '90 1x031x03'86 - Episode 3 21-09-2010
Scarica sottotitoli This Is England '90 1x041x04'86 - Episode 4 28-09-2010

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Sottotitoli non disponibili2x01'88 - Episode 1 13-12-2011
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x02'88 - Episode 2 14-12-2011
Sottotitoli non disponibili2x03'88 - Episode 3 15-12-2011

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Sottotitoli non disponibili3x01'90 - Spring 13-09-2015
Sottotitoli non disponibili3x02'90 - Summer 20-09-2015
Sottotitoli non disponibili3x03'90 - Autumn 27-09-2015
Sottotitoli non disponibili3x04'90 - Winter 04-10-2015


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