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It's been two years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and a select few still remain at the NOPD. These special cops are bound and determined to bring back the life to New Orleans, otherwise known to most as K-Ville, and clean up the crime and damage that still remains. Marlin Boulet, a veteran of the NOPD's Felony Action Squad, was left stranded in the waters by his partner, but still attempted to keep some little bit of order to all the chaos that was going on during the hurricane. He now has a new partner with ulterior motives, Trevor Cobb, who is fresh back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Together the two work the streets of New Orleans, trying to make it a better place. Helping them on their crusade are fellow officers Jeff Gooden, Captain James Embry, Billy Faust, and the lone female officer, Ginger LeBeau.

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