Kaboul Kitchen

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Afghanistan 2005. George Bush is the President of the United States, Jacques Chirac is the president of France and Jacky (Gilbert Melki), patron of the restaurant "Kitchen Kabul." All expatriates in Kabul come here to party. When his daughter arrives, Jacky does not recognize her because he has not seen her for 20 years. She came to do humanitarian work. It is there to make money ...

Stagione 1

Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x011x01The Girl with the Big Suitcase 13-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x021x02The Pool 13-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x031x03The Panther and the Printer 13-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x041x04Dollars and Passion 20-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x051x05Fear in Kabul 20-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x061x06Vice and Verses 20-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x071x07Sophie's Departure 27-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x081x08White Lies Between Friends 27-02-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x091x09Martine in Kabul 27-02-2012
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x10Crisis of Faith 05-03-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x111x11Cool in Kabul 05-03-2012
Scarica sottotitoli Kaboul Kitchen 1x121x12Not Cool in Kabul 05-03-2012

Stagione 2

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Stagione 3

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