Sasameki Koto

GENERE  Animation, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Romance





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Murasame Sumika is popular in the high school for her excellence in the marks and sports. However, she has a secret: she is in love with her classmate Kazama Ushio, but she hasn't noticed Sumika's feelings. On the other hand Ushio also has a liking to the love between girls but she only shows any interest in cutesy girls. Sumika, a card-carrying badass who helps run her family's dojo, does not fit this bill even a little. Cue angst, as she is forced to watch from the sidelines as Ushio falls for girl after girl, none of them her. Ushio is always eager to share news about her latest crush. With the duo's knack for attracting trouble, it looks like Sumika's trials have only just begun.

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Sottotitoli non disponibili1x01Whispered Words 08-10-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x02Pretty People 14-10-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x03First Kiss 22-10-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x044+1 28-10-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x05Friends 04-11-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x06The Couple's Night 11-11-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x07Boys and Girls 18-11-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x08Ripple 25-11-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x09Like A Sunflower 02-12-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x10Happening in Summer 09-12-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x11It's Nothing 16-12-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x12Have You Seen The Rain? 23-12-2009
Sottotitoli non disponibili1x13Calling You 31-12-2009


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