Free Agents

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This new six-part comedy stars Stephen Mangan, Sharon Horgan and Anthony Head. Alex is a talent agent suffering the emotional fall-out from his divorce. Helen, his fellow agent, has the office next to him and is also in pain; overcome with grief from a recent bereavement. Deluded Alex believes they are perfect for one another. Helen thinks quite the opposite. Yes she's slept with him – twice – but there is absolutely no way she is doing it again... Free Agents depicts a world in which the agents' boss, their clients, friends, relatives, accountants and even ex-girlfriends are as bizarrely dysfunctional as Alex and Helen themselves. This is a comedy about an on-(mostly)-off, romance between two people who might just have a positive future together if they can shake off their pasts.

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Scarica sottotitoli Free Agents 1x011x01Episode 1 13-02-2009
Scarica sottotitoli Free Agents 1x021x02Episode 2 20-02-2009
Scarica sottotitoli Free Agents 1x031x03Episode 3 27-02-2009
Scarica sottotitoli Free Agents 1x041x04Episode 4 06-03-2009
Scarica sottotitoli Free Agents 1x051x05Episode 5 13-03-2009
Scarica sottotitoli Free Agents 1x061x06Episode 6 20-03-2009


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