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« il: 11 June 2008, 01:14:51 »
Come per Dirt...è notizia dell'altro ieri...hanno cancellato pure i nostri doug&co. che scazzo.....


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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #1 il: 11 June 2008, 10:38:54 »
Dove lo hai letto?


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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #2 il: 12 June 2008, 13:56:07 »
mi sono visto prima e seconda serie in una settimana abbondante... niente di eclatante, ma era guardabile.

e soprattutto potevano dargli un finale conclusivo, almeno

ps. sia didi che dahlia sono gnocche :D


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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #3 il: 13 June 2008, 00:16:59 »
Sheva...l'ho letto su che ti linko...

There will be less Dirt and Riches on FX's schedule this year.
Say goodbye to <em>this</em>.

Say goodbye to this.

In a sign of what's in store for TV series whose production has been affected by the writers strike, FX has opted not to produce more episodes for the two series' second seasons.



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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #4 il: 8 October 2008, 08:44:04 »
FX cancels ' The Riches ' - Network blames falling ratings for decision

After much deliberation, FX has canceled "The Riches."

The net took several months to make a decision but finally came to the conclusion that falling ratings were too much to overcome. Viewer totals for the series, which ran for two seasons, dropped substantially in year two, falling 44% in the 18-49 demo.

Premiering in March 2007, "The Riches" got off to a somewhat healthy start with a 1.9 rating/5 share in the demo, and 3.84 million viewers overall, but slipped after that. Due to the writers strike, the second season was shortened from 13 episodes to seven and ended in April.

The series starred Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard as the parents of a family of gypsies who move into a wealthy suburban Louisiana neighborhood under a new identity. Critical acceptance of the show was mixed, but Driver did earn Emmy and Golden Globe noms.

On Monday, FX reupped its newest drama series, "Sons of Anarchy," for a second season, and recently launched the fourth season of comedy skein "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Newest laffer "Testees," about a pair of human guinea pigs, premieres Thursday.

FX is in the final year of "The Shield," which closes its seven-season run Nov. 25. The high costs of marketing and producing all its series -- including "Damages," which returns in 2009 -- played into the equation in canceling "The Riches."

"The Riches" was produced by Fox Television Studios and FX Prods.

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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #5 il: 8 October 2008, 10:45:53 »
peccato. adoro minnie. :nu:


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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #6 il: 8 October 2008, 21:25:06 »


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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #7 il: 21 April 2009, 00:27:08 »
Ragazzi, l'ho letto soltanto adesso...  :doh:

E dire che attendevo con ansia una conclusione per questa serie che mi aveva proprio appassionato!
Che famiglia di squinternati!!!
Eh, va be!!

Cotillons a tutti^^
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Re: Cancellato
« Risposta #8 il: 24 July 2009, 13:47:22 »
la fine è veramente da cani...