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The IT Crowd Manual -Special Behind the Scenes 2013-
« il: 26 December 2013, 14:44:36 »

Alla vigilia di Natale 2013 Channel 4 ha mandato in onda uno speciale Dietro le Quinte di IT Crowd!! :gogo: :gogo:

Da wikipedia:

The IT Crowd Night
On Christmas Eve 2013, Channel 4 aired a special IT Crowd Night. It featured Katherine Parkinson as her character Jen Barber, now acting manager at Reynholm Industries, introducing the segments of the IT Crowd Night as part of a "corporate webisode". The night started at 10PM with the special "The Internet is Coming". After that, the IT Crowd Manual aired. It is a behind-the-scenes documentary narrated by Stephen Mangan, featuring interviews with the main cast, and various other guest stars who appeared on the show, in the form of a manual, with each subject of the series (characters, studio, audience) having its own chapter. The night featured two favourites; the fans' favourite and series creator favourite. The fans' favourite episode was "The Work Outing"[10] Graham Lineham's favourite episode was "The Final Countdown".[11]

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Re: The IT Crowd Manual -Special Behind the Scenes 2013-
« Risposta #1 il: 31 December 2013, 19:53:19 »
Non so se è in traduzione qui, ma intanto io ho trovato i sub eng