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Re: Unnatural Hystory
« Risposta #90 il: 16 December 2010, 13:22:33 »
un pò mi dispiace, ma se mantenevano questo filone, iniziava ad essere ripetitiva...spero la riprendano solo se gli viene in mente un modo di renderla un pò diversa, con qualche storia più credibile e meno conclusioni affrettate


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Re: Unnatural Hystory
« Risposta #91 il: 26 January 2011, 13:54:56 »
Actually Mike Werb (the creator of the show), considered having the show picked up on another network, but the deal fell through.  But he revealed his plans if the had been renewed. Pretty AWESOME stuff.

SEASON 2 THOUGHTS for those interested: I had planned a 2-part opener with extreme adventures involving Genghis Khan's tomb, a Mongolian death worm, Henry's disappearance in a sand storm, the rescue of a newborn camel as well as Henry's parents and uncle Bryan. The rest of season 2 (upon the leads return to DC) would have covered subjects ranging from the kids finding the 18 1/2 minute gap of the Nixon/Watergate tapes, Hemingway's lost novel, vampire finches (they really exist), a Stradivarius violin, a Native American mystery, DB Cooper, the underground railroad, etc. etc etc — plus a deepening of the triangular relationship between Henry, Maggie and Jasper, the return of Jasper's mother from France — among other familial and emotional issues set against historical and scientific adventures.

Anyway, for the handful reading this — wishing you all a happy, healthy 2011.

Mike Werb, creator, Unnatural History