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-So, I didn’t lose you to Chuck, I lost you to the idea of Chuck?At some point in the hopefully not too distant future, maybe?Blair,you had someone who loved you unconditionally, treated you right and wanted to be with you every day and then you threw that all away to let Chuck Bass decide when he’s ready for you?You think you two have an epic love, but all you have are excuses (Dan Humphrey)
-To always love you. To defend you even if I know you’re wrong. To surprise you. To always pick up your call no matter what I’m doing. To bake you cookies at least twice a year and to kiss you whenever and where ever you want. Mostly to make sure that you always remember how perfectly imperfect you are (Blaine Anderson)
-Teacher:What's the capital of Ohio?Brittany? Brittany:O - (Glee)
-I'm shocked!Stefan's not a virgin!- (Damon Salvatore)
-It's time to see who's bad!- (Blaine Anderson)
-Bravo brother! (Damon Salvatore)
-I am laughing, just not externally. (Cristina Yang)
-You can call it a 'deal with the devil' if you like. (Niklaus Mikaelson)