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"[...] Ogni esistente nasce senza ragione, si protrae per debolezza e muore per combinazione (J. P. Sartre) [...]"

CAPOLAVORI: Lost; Twin Peaks; Black Mirror; Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul; Sense8; Fargo; The Leftovers; True Detective (Season 1)
SERIE TV ADORATE: Game Of Thrones; Mr Robot; The Fall; American Crime; American Crime Story; AHS - Asylum; Queer As Folk; The Night Of; The OA; Outlander
SERIE TV AMATE: Criminal Minds; The Walking Dead; The Big Bang Theory; AHS - Roanoke; How I Met Your Mother; Man Seeking Woman; Whitney; 2 Broke Girls; The Man In The High Castle; Inside Amy Schumer; Scream Queens; Lucifer; This Is Us
SERIE TV PIACEVOLI: CSI Las Vegas; CSI New York; Spartacus; Criminal Minds - Beyond Borders; The 100; AHS - Murder House/Coven/Freak Show; Blindspot; Looking; The Last Man On Earth; Sailor Moon Crystal
GUILTY PLEASURE(s): How To Get Away With Murder; Dark Matter (estivo); The Last Ship (estivo); Fear The Walking Dead (estivo)