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Cold Case / [Commenti] 6x03 - Wednesday's Women
« il: 14 October 2008, 00:48:37 »
Commentate pure ragazzi :+:

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prima dell'uscita dei sub :gogo:

Cold Case / [Commenti] 6x02 - True Calling
« il: 6 October 2008, 11:46:04 »
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Cold Case / Novita amorose per Kat Miller
« il: 1 October 2008, 23:04:39 »
Larry in Gainesville, Fla.: Last night's episode of Cold Case was awesome! What's coming up this season?
Kat Miller (Tracie Thoms) will finally be getting a love life this season. Also, producers will be focusing on the consequences of sloppy detective work. Wonder if the slobs are the old-case detectives or our guys?


Uhm..Kat fra amore e lavoro..sembra promettente :+:

Trash / Cold Case Italia
« il: 1 October 2008, 15:03:49 »
Ciao a tutti!!Sono una delle moderatrici del forum Cold Case Italia,dedicato alla serie televisiva in onda ogni sabato su Raidue.Se vi piace fateci un saltino!!

Il link:

Buona giornata!!

Cold Case / [Commenti] 6x01 - Glory Days
« il: 29 September 2008, 13:41:25 »
Commentate pure gente :gogo:

E vi ricordo che fino all'uscita dei sottotitoli mettete tutto sotto il tag

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Cold Case / New 'Case' This Weekend
« il: 26 September 2008, 17:48:58 »
Articolo sul ritorno della serie:

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Cold Case / Tania Raymonde in Cold Case
« il: 11 September 2008, 22:36:29 »
Tania Raymonde, che ricorderete sicuramente nel ruolo di Alex, la figlia di Ben, nella serie Lost, si è unita al cast di Cold Case, crime drama della CBS in cui interpreterà Frankie Rafferty, tecnico di laboratorio. Secondo le prime indiscrezioni riportate da Michael Ausiello sul suo blog, il personaggio di Tania sarà anche il potenziale nuovo interesse amoroso di Scotty (Danny Pino), questo nonostante la netta differenza d'età tra i due. Molto simile a Scotty, Frankie è la tipica ragazza - con qualche segreto da nascondere - cresciuta nei quartieri poco popolari di Philadelphia. Vista anche in Medium e Malcolm, l'attrice si presenterà sul set di Cold Case alla fine di questo mese. La sua prima apparizione in tv è prevista, invece, a novembre.

Fonte : Serialit

Proposte & Domande / Sottotitoli della sesta stagione di Cold Case
« il: 10 September 2008, 15:59:56 »
Visto che dal 28 settembre ci sarà sulla CBS la sesta stagione di Cold Case, ne farete i sottotitoli?

Criminal Minds / 4 stagione
« il: 7 September 2008, 19:10:55 »
La quarta stagione comincia sulla CBS il 24 settembre :gogo:

Cold Case / La sesta stagione dal 28 settembre sulla CBS
« il: 7 September 2008, 19:05:50 »
Vi ricordo per chi deve fare i subs che la sesta stagione comincerà negli Stati Uniti il 28 settembre :gogo:

Cold Case / Attivita extra Cold Case della Morris
« il: 5 August 2008, 21:35:03 »
Due articoli molto interesanti sulla Morris e sulle sua attività extra Cold Case:

'Cold Case' cop goes cruisin' - 21st July 2008

When her hit CBS series “Cold Case” shut down production during the Hollywood writers strike, star Kathryn Morris took a family road trip – in her dressing room.

“I’ve got a big old motor home that I use as my dressing room, she tells The Post. “It is a 38 foot home on wheels with a king size bed and three TVs. So I drove it around with my family and my friends, through the mountains and up to Mammoth.”

Of course the mid-winter had a few minor complications.

“Apparently you can only refill the propane in a motor home at certain times of day and there is only one refill guy every 100 miles,” she says.

“One night we had the whole family and we were going to go for a big Italian dinner 40 miles away because it was near the propane place so we decided to make it a family outing. There were like 9 people in the motor home and it turns out we just missed the propane guy by an hour. We were stranded!

“That night, we slept with the space heater plugged in. And here’s another tip: You cannot use the coffeemaker and the hair dryer at the same time.”

Morris says she plans to take the mobile residence with her whenever the show comes to an end: “If I never work again and everybody thinks I am Lilly Rush, there is nothing wrong with cruisin’ around the United States in a motor home.” - Sean Daly

Fonte : Nypost

Morris' Hotplate Productions Sells Pilot
By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

When you have Jerry Bruckheimer as a mentor, chances are you're going to become a pretty good producer yourself.

Cold Case star (and PTR Fave) Kathryn Morris, who landed a production company deal last year with Warner Brothers, has sold her first series pilot under her Hotplate Productions brand. It's based on Harry Hunsicker's popular Crosshairs novel.

And, just so this doesn't come as a shocker to Cold Case fans who may be apt to think "OMG! She's leaving the show to go produce stuff!!!!" ... relax. Morris has repeatedly mentioned in past interviews that she's interested in delving into other realms besides acting, not abandoning it altogether. She remains steadfastly committed to the CC team, but is nicely on her way spreading her wings into the producing realm.


Hollywood Exclusive by Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith

NEW ADVENTURES: Kathryn Morris of "Cold Case" proudly reports that her fledgling Hotplate Productions outfit has sold a series pilot based on Harry Hunsicker's popular "Crosshairs" novel "through Warner Bros. It's a male-driven P.I. show. The main character is a heroic stud, a cool guy that I'm sure would live down the street from Lily Rush," she says, referring to her series character.

The beautiful blond leading lady says she's not planning to act in the prospective show — or any of the projects she's developing — "because of my commitment to 'Cold Case.' But I do have a cameo in a little film that's about to come out — 'Assassination of a High School President.' I play a naughty nurse in that. It was fun."

Knowing all too well the vicissitudes of an acting career — particularly for a woman in her late 30s — Morris has been determined to branch out into producing. She tells us, "I basically had a mentor in Jerry Bruckheimer, teaching me a formula of how to make a good television show from the script through crew, the casting — all the elements. That's why Jerry's shows look like no other in television," including "Cold Case," of course.


We do love Kathryn, but let's hope it's not too formulaic. Cold Case returns for its sixth season September 28th.

Fonte: Pass The Remote

Doctor Who / [COMMENTI] Doctor Who - terza stagione
« il: 25 June 2008, 17:16:01 »
Commentate pure la terza stagione del mitico Dottore....e sparlate pure di Martha :gogo:

Cold Case / Spoller sesta stagione
« il: 7 May 2008, 09:24:52 »
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Cold Case / Spoiler Quinta Stagione
« il: 7 July 2007, 00:18:08 »
Ohhhhhh finalmente gli spoller sulla season premiere della quinta stagione:

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Spostato qui :claire:

Postiamo qui gli spoiler per la prossima stagione di Cold Case :sparta:

Proposte & Domande / sottotitoli Cold Case e Medium
« il: 22 April 2007, 16:47:02 »
Ciao sono nuova!
Vorrei sapere se continuerete con i sottotitoli di Cold Case e Medium.
Un grosso ciao a chi mi risponderà!

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