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There's been alot of upsetting, very upsetting things that I can't allow to happen anymore. I have to be like a soldier and march away. 'Cause I'm very delicate in a lot of ways, and things get to me, and effect a very adverse manner. I don't need that; don't need that. I feel now like minus something, you know, I feel faded; I don't feel like I'm all here. I think it'll come back; I hope it'll come back. There's alot of color missing, from the way I feel, and my face, and, you know, just everything. There's some kind of zest,, you know, that seems to be faded temporarily, because I've been so drained, emotionally, by a number of things. That has to slowly build back up, and then it has to be kept sustatined; it cannot be allowed to be diminished.