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~ mi scosse un dialogo, preciso e svogliato, tra un ragazzo con gli occhiali e una ragazza che purtroppo non li aveva ~

REVELATIONS: and the angel of the lord came unto me snatching me up from my place of slumber. he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own midwest. as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil. one thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. terror possesed me. «angel of the lord, what are these tortured screams?», «these are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! you see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust». i sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like tears of one million terrified brothers and roared, «hear me now, i have seen the light! they have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul! damn you! let the rabbits wear glasses! save our brothers!». can i get an amen? can I get a hallelujah? thank you jesus!