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I like you now. just the way you are. TNE
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"Damon, why didn't you tell me?"
"Would it have made a difference? ... I didn't think so."
"You asked me to make a choice Damon, so I did. If you're going to be mad then take it out on me. Not Stefan or Matt or anyone else...ME!"
"Are we done here?"
"If it would have been you at the bridge last night and not Stefan. And I begged you to save Matt..."
"I would have saved YOU. In a heartbeat. NO question."
"That's what I thought...then Matt would be dead cause you couldn't let go. Matt would be dead!!!"
"But you wouldn't be! And you would have gotten to grow up, have the life that you wanted, the life that you deserved, and I know that I didn't used to get that. But I do now! And I wanted that for you, Elena! And I would have gladly given it to you and let Matt die! Because I AM that selfish. But you knew that already... the first night we met is not all that you remember."