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Seguo : Once Upon A time (S03) , Supernatural (S09), The Vampire Diaries (S05), Arrow (S02) The Originals (S01), True Detective (S01) The Walking Dead (S04),Black Sails (S01) Teen Wolf (S03),The Big Bang Theory (S07)
Aspetto : True Blood (S07) Game Of Thrones (S04) , Hannibal (S02), Orphan Black (S02),Penny Dreadful (S01), Dracula (S02) American Horror Story (S04)
Ho Seguito : Lie to me, Merlin, 90210,Lost, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos.
Ho abbandonato : Sons of Anarchy (S01),Dr. House (S03), The Glades (S01), Under The Dome, Sleepy Hollow.
Ho recuperato :Dexter (S04-05-06-07)  90210 (S04), Once Upon A Time (S01), Teen Wolf (S01-02) The Walking Dead (S02-03), Orphan Black (S01)   American Horror Story (S01-02-03), Breaking Bad (S01-02-03-04-05) The Sopranos (S01-06)
Serie concluse : Merlin ç____________ç, Lie to me,90210, Lost, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos.