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Happy Endings / The Amahzing Season 1
« il: 7 April 2011, 12:11:59 »

Zachary Knighton as Dave, left by Alex on the day of their wedding. With the help of his friends, he is getting back into the dating world.
Elisha Cuthbert as Alex, Dave's fiance who leaves him at the alter on the day of their wedding.
Eliza Coupe as Jane, Alex's suburban housewife sister who is married to Brad, who are both working on conceiving their first child.
Adam Pally as Max, the group's openly gay friend who is still sensitive about his parents divorce and being overweight in college.
Casey Wilson as Penny, the group's hopelessly single friend who constantly worries that she'll never find the right guy.
Damon Wayans, Jr. as Brad, Jane's buttoned-up husband who works for a huge Chicago investment firm.

The series revolves around the lives of a group of friends whose little group will be rocked when the couple that brought them together, Alex and Dave, break up. This leaves the rest of the group (Max, Brad, Jane and Penny) in an awkward position of either trying to stay together as friends or having to choose sides.
Alex and Dave decide to stay friends, but there are many more complications down the road.[3] Such as single friend Penny's long-suppressed feelings for Dave and their openly gay friend Max worries the breakup will traumatize him more than his parent's divorce. Meanwhile, Alex's sister, Jane and her husband Brad, a suburban couple desperately trying to start a family are now so shocked by what happened, they are having trouble concentrating on their plans of trying to conceive their first child.

Happy Endings - Pilot Promo (ABC)

Che ne pensate di questa nuova comedy della ABC? Solo un riempimento del palinsesto o riuscirà ad essere una comedy carina?

News / DISPERSIVAL - Il festival dei film che non ci fanno vedere
« il: 31 January 2011, 13:19:10 »

Nuova iniziativa dell'Associazione culturale La Scheggia in collaborazione con Hideout, un nuovo festival sui film non distribuiti in Italia.
La rassegna si terrà al cinema Gnomo a Milano, si aprirà il 9 febbraio alle 18:30 con l'inaugurazione e terminerà domenica 13 febbraio con la proiezione dell'ultimo film alle ore 22:00.
5 giorni di film, ogni giorno un tema diverso: i dispersi internazionali, i dispersi italiani, i dispersi documentari, i dispersi ritrovati, i dispersi per grandi e piccini.

Ecco la Locandina con il programma completo e il sito ufficiale dell'evento.
Mercoledì 9 febbraio
ore 18:30 inaugurazione
Saranno coinvolti distributori, produttori,
registi, autori, critici e canali di web TV.
ore 20:30 aperitivo
ore 21:30 proiezione YOUTH IN REVOLT

Giovedì 10 febbraio
ore 18:30 proiezione ET IN TERRA PAX
ore 20:00 aperitivo
ore 21:00 incontro e proiezione DOPPIO - LA SERIE
ore 22:00 proiezione SLEEPLESS

Venerdì 11 febbraio
ore 18:00 proiezione CON LE RUOTE PER TERRA
ore 19:20 proiezione ERA LA CITTA' DEI CINEMA
ore 20:30 aperitivo
ore 21:30 proiezione ARIMO!
ore 22:00 proiezione BEST WORST MOVIE

Sabato 12 febbraio
ore 18:00 proiezione WRISTCUTTERS - UNA STORIA D'AMORE
ore 19:30 aperitivo con DJ Set MADSOUNDTRACK DJROBBA

Domenica 13 febbraio
ore 16:30 proiezione SITA SINGS THE BLUES
ore 17:30 banchetto vendita Bloodbuster
ore 18:00 proiezione MY NAME IS BRUCE
ore 19:30 aperitivo con DJ Set MADSOUNDTRACK DJROBBA
ore 22:00 proiezione MONKEY BOY

All'inaugurazione saranno presenti alcuni membri dello staff di Italiansubs per partecipare al dibattito sulle nuove forme e il futuro della distribuzione cinematografica.
Verranno, proiettati tre film sottotitolati da Italiansubs, Youth in Revolt e My Name is Bruce, che sono già presenti nel nostro archivio sottotitoli, e Best Worst Movie, un divertente documentario su come il film peggiore di tutti i tempi, Troll 2, sia diventato un vero e proprio cult in America. I sottotitoli per Best Worst Movie saranno disponibili su italiansubs dopo la proiezione del film al festival.

Partecipate numerosi!

Altre Serie - USA / The Whole Truth [ABC] [Legal]
« il: 20 September 2010, 21:27:23 »
Nuovo legal drama della abc inizia questa settimana. Chi lo seguirà? Che ne pensate?

TRAILER sul sito della ABC

This unique legal drama chronicles the way a case is built from the perspective of both the defense and prosecution. Showing each side equally keeps the audience guessing, shifting allegiances and opinions on guilt or innocence until the very final scene. Kathryn Peale, the product of a New England background and a sheriff father, is the Deputy Bureau Chief in the New York State District Attorney's office. Jimmy Brogan, born and raised in Hell's Kitchen and a friend of Kathryn's since their days at Yale Law School, is one of New York's rising criminal attorney stars. Buoyed by their respective teams, these evenly matched lawyers—each with a strong streak of competitiveness, a fervent belief in their clients and an equally intense passion for the law go about creating two different stories from the same set of facts. As this up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the legal process mirrors the excitement of a championship match, it becomes evident that truth has nothing to do with innocence or guilt—at the end of every trial, the only thing that matters is what the jury believes. The Whole Truth stars Rob Morrow (Numb3rs) as Jimmy Brogan, Eamonn Walker (Oz) as Sr. ADA Terrence "Edge" Edgecomb, Sean Wing as Chad Griffin, Anthony Ruivivar as Alejo Salazar and Christine Adams as Lena Boudreaux. The series is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television. The pilot was written and co-executive produced by Tom Donaghy, and the executive producers are Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman. Alex Graves was executive producer and director for the pilot, and KristieAnne Reed serves as a co-executive producer.

Non mi funziona in nessun modo la ricerca nel forum mi da' questo errore

E'accaduto un errore!
Unable to access the search deamon.

Ho provato sia su FF sia su IE, e pare che non succeda solo a me  :nu:

Altre Serie - USA / Mercy [NBC] [Medical Drama]
« il: 7 September 2009, 20:54:20 »

You haven't seen inside a hospital until you've seen it through the eyes of those who know it best: its nurses. Veronica Callahan is one of those nurses. She just returned to Mercy Hospital from a tour in Iraq and knows more about medicine than all of the residents combined. Together with fellow nurses Sonia and Chloe, she navigates the daily traumas and social landmines of life and love both inside the hospital and out in the real world.

From executive producers/writers Liz Heldens (Friday Night Lights), Gretchen Berg & Aaron Harberts (Pushing Daisies), executive producers Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun, and Emmy Award-winning director Adam Bernstein (30 Rock, Rescue Me) comes a medical drama with a totally unique point of view.

That's Amore / [Commenti] - That's amore s01e03
« il: 6 April 2008, 13:32:10 »
Allora ragazzi, abbiamo stabilito che gli spaghetti con le polpette sono plausibili, che il sugo con le polpette si fa anche in Italia, ma... IL CHICKEN PARMIGIANI CHE CASPITA E'?
Questo decisamente se lo sono inventato  :XD: 
Eppoi, ovviamente, ci mettono la pasta insieme, essì mi pare ovvio   :XD:

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