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Assolutamente promossa e non vedo l'ora di vedere la s02  :metal:
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Tutto perfetto, vi resta solo una cosa da fare....guardatela!!!!!!  :love:

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Televisione / Re: La classifica mensile (delle serie viste)
« il: 25 May 2022, 23:03:33 »
Maggio 2022

Better Call Saul
Derry Girls
The Wilds
Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty
Young Sheldon
Fear The Walking Dead
Better Things


@lion885 thanks!!

Serie bellissima (mio parere  :asd:), già pronto per la season 2!!!

Nessun commento???  :scettico:

Televisione / Re: Oggi ho terminato ...
« il: 29 April 2022, 23:35:11 »
Slow Horses, piaciuta un sacco e poi Gary Oldman  :love:
Come si fa a non amare Jackson Lamb


idem  :metal:

Gary Oldman/J.Lamb  strepitoso  :prego:

scusate, ma non trovo il topic della serie...esiste??  :look:

Mary Elizabeth Frye – Do not stand at my grave and weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

 :T_T: :T_T: :T_T: :T_T: :T_T: :T_T: :T_T: :T_T: :T_T:

@ RiCc!o  : sotto spoiler, cosa ti ha fatto rimanere senza parole ?

senza parole version :distratto:

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Dexter / Re: [PROMO] Dexter: New Blood
« il: 9 September 2021, 19:56:19 »

nuovo promo...da account twitter showtime


ps. scusa @RobertaRock non sono riuscito a postare direttamente il video... :sorry:

Altre Serie - Regno Unito / Re: Vigil [BBC One] [Thriller]
« il: 5 September 2021, 17:06:24 »

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visti primi due episodi

thanks @mangi !!!  :metal:

Televisione / Re: La classifica mensile (delle serie viste)
« il: 31 August 2021, 18:42:26 »

Ted Lasso


Sport / Re: Giochi della XXXII Olimpiade - Tokyo 2020 (2021)
« il: 1 August 2021, 20:09:47 »
Il vero motivo della vittoria di Jacobs...

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Better Call Saul / Re: [NEWS] BCS - Better Be Prepared!
« il: 29 July 2021, 07:10:00 »

Good news: Bob Odenkirk is awake and “on the rebound” after collapsing on the Better Call Saul set yesterday and being rushed to the hospital.

“We can confirm Bob is in stable condition after experiencing a heart-related incident,” Odenkirk’s personal representatives confirm to TVLine. “He and his family would like to express gratitude for the incredible doctors and nurses looking after him, as well as his cast, crew and producers who have stayed by his side. The Odenkirks would also like to thank everyone for the outpouring of well wishes and ask for their privacy at this time as Bob works on his recovery.”

Odenkirk’s son Nate also tweeted, “He’s going to be okay.”

AMC released a statement as well: “Bob is someone we have known and been lucky enough to work with for a long time. The immediate outpouring of affection and concern from fans around the world is a clear reflection of his immense talents and ability to both move and entertain people. Like everyone else, we are so grateful to know he is in stable condition and receiving excellent care. We are holding him close in our thoughts and wishing for a fast and full recovery.”

Sources tell TMZ that Odenkirk’s condition was touch-and-go for the past day, but he looks to be out of the woods now. He was not conscious during the first few hours at the hospital, but he is awake now and “on the rebound.”

Odenkirk was on Better Call Saul‘s Albuquerque, New Mexico set, filming its sixth and final season, when he collapsed and was immediately surrounded by crew members, who called an ambulance, TMZ reported. He was then rushed to the hospital.

“Today I woke up to news that has made me anxious all morning. My friend, Bob Odenkirk collapsed last night on the set of Better Call Saul,” Breaking Bad lead Bryan Cranston shared on Wednesday morning. “Please take a moment in your day today to think about him and send positive thoughts and prayers his way, thank you.”

Better Call Saul‘s Michael McKean tweeted, “Sending huge love to our @mrbobodenkirk. You got this, brother,” while David Cross, who co-headlined HBO’s Mr. Show With Bob and David with Odenkirk, tweeted, “Bob is one of the strongest people I know both physically and spiritually. He WILL get through this.
askanews- Giovedì 29 luglio 2021 - 01:18
Tv, attore Bob Odenkirk (Better call Saul) si riprende dopo collasso

Bob Odenkirk si sta riprendendo da un problema “legato al cuore” dopo avere avuto un collasso sul set della serie tv “Better Call Saul” che lo vede come protagonista. Lo hanno confermato i suoi rappresentanti.

Odenkirk, 58 anni, è stato portato d’urgenza in ospedale martedì sera e ha suscitato preoccupazione tra amici e fan per l’incertezza sulle sue condizioni che si profilava al mattino. I suoi rappresentanti hanno dichiarato in una dichiarazione a NBC News che l’attore era “condizioni stabili dopo aver subito un incidente cardiaco”.

“Lui e la sua famiglia desiderano esprimere gratitudine per gli incredibili medici e infermieri che si prendono cura di lui, così come il suo cast, la troupe e i produttori che sono rimasti al suo fianco”, ha affermato la dichiarazione.

Anche suo figlio adulto, Nate, ha twittato brevemente “starà bene”.

Televisione / Re: La classifica mensile (delle serie viste)
« il: 26 July 2021, 21:26:18 »
thanks @vascy     :prego:


Ted Lasso
This way up

non avrò esagerato? :look: