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Do my parakeets entail a nest
« il: 28 September 2011, 03:04:48 »
Hi, my girlfriend and i have a two of a kind of budgies, we think its a boy and a girl but we are not too sure. They hold been within the same round up for about a year. if they be a boy and a girl would the female enjoy laid eggs already or do they NEED a nest to lay eggs? we just get a nesting box today.
   Had to second the response below about please rethink whether or not you want to breed your budgies.  Last year,dog shoes wholesale, the rescue where on earth I volunteer had over 100 budgies surrendered to us.  Most budgies live thoroughly sad lives, as citizens consider them throwaway pets.  I know of many family who have simply consent to their budgies go outside (to their correct, scared death) when they get tired of them.
I know I could not handle the guilt of bringing more unwanted animals into this world when in attendance are so many within rescues right now.the nesting box will work but i recomend putting within some little twigs in their enclose so the male can be paid a nest, also some small peices of hay is great. that way the eggs own something cozy to keep them contained by.