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Cougar Town Music Guide
« il: 8 January 2010, 20:14:24 »
Guardando l'ultimo episodio mi sono accorto di uno di quegli spot in basso vicino al logo della Abc, che mi invitava a visitare la sezione "musicale" del loro sito...

Season 1

Episode 1 "Pilot"

Ohio University Marching 110 - Celebrate      
Football game source, Jules, Trevis & Laurie are at the Seahaven Cougar's football game.

Foghat - Slow Ride
Bobby is mowing the lawn and singing.

La Roux - Bulletproof (remix)
Bar source heard from outside, Jules & Laurie talk to bouncer at entrance of westside bar, he lets them in.

Episode 2 "Into the Great Wide Open"

True Music - Feeling I'm Falling      
Grayson's Restaurant, Jules gets drinks from Grayson at the bar.
Beyonce - Single Ladies   
Montage of Jules' evening out in cell phone pictures.
Karen Deberg - Today   
Bar source, Jules limps around at Grayson's, meets Laurie & Nezzie there.
Karen Deberg - Tell Me      
Bar source, Jules limps around at Grayson's, meets Laurie & Nezzie there.
Phoenix - Lisztomania
Jules stands in front of mirror

Episode 3 "Don't Do Me Like That"

Rick Derringer - Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo
Bobby & Travis work on Bobby's boat, Bobby air-guitars to song on radio as Travis' classmates walk by.
"We Didn't Start the Fire"
Andy hums this song. Previously Ellie told girls she tapped drumbeat of this song on Andy's butt during sex.
Florence & The Machine - Kiss With A Fist   
Montage of Jules' evening out in cell phone pictures.

Episode 4 "I Won't Back Down"


Episode 5 "You Wreck Me"

Big M - Trying To Move On
Various scenes Jules leaves Bobby at pub with Grayson.
Witness UK - Closing Up
Cafe source with time-cuts, various scenes of Josh & Jules interacting at a cafe.
Tim Williams - I Hit Another Wall
Laurie pulls up in her car with radio playing, Jules tells her she's not allowed listen to music.

Episode 6 "A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)"

Zach Deputy - Twisty Twisty
Party source with time-cut, Jules & Laurie at a BBQ full of younger people.
The Whitest Boy Alive - Don't Give Up
Bar source, Bobby, Grayson & Andy at Grayson's Pub talk about their golf bet.
Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
Cafe source, Jules joins Ellie at a cafe, while talking to Josh on her cellphone.
Mezzanine Owls - Drift
Cafe source, at a cafe, Jules talks to Ellie & Laurie about breaking up with Josh.

Episode 7 "Don't Come Around Here No More"

Grayson - My sexuality
(clicca per mostrare/nascondere)

Episode 8 "Two Gunslingers"

Kurt Farquar - Everything Is Fine      
Jules & Travis eat dinner at Grya's Pub.
Doug Segree - Sunshine      
Jules enters hotel bar, still on phone with Andy.
Leona Naess - Calling
In hotel bar, Jules and Trent dance on an empty dance floor.
Buddy - Campfire   
The scene goes through Travis tricking Grayson about being gay, then through Jules, Elly, and Laurie in the hotel room eating deserts, and someone believing its Jules' 34th birthday.
Keren DeBerg - How To Walk Away
Possible bar source, Grayson & Travis sit across from each other at a table in Gray's Pub.

Episode 9 "Here Comes My Girl"

Kenny Loggins - Playing With The Boys
Slo-mo scene of Bobby, Andy & Grayson palying basketball.
Noah And The Whale - Give A Little Love
Travis helps Jules with the turkey.

Episode 10 "Mystery Man"
Ari Gold - Stay In This
Plays when Jules & Ellie take a spinning class.
Prima Donna - Been Demoted      
Bobby annoys Grayson at Gray's Pub.
Just Jinger - She Knows   
End Of Show.

Episode 11 "Rhino Skin"

The Courteeners - Not Nineteen Forever"
In dialogue between Jules & Jeff, Jules
Karen Deberg - I'm The Only One      
Bar source with time-cut, in Gray's Pub, Laurie walks in wearing a classy suit, so does Bobby.
Jake Walden - Wide Awake   
Bar source with time-cuts, Laurie asks Grayson to teach her how to be classy.
The Rifles - Romeo and Julie
Montage with voice over - Starts where Barb explains why women torture men and ends as Jules and Jeff play Scrabble on the bed.

Episode 12 "Scare Easy"

Cast - Girl Don't Hold That Against Me   
Jeff tells Jules he was in a boy band, sings their song "Girl Don't Hold That Against Me" as he carries her upstairs.        

Chris Koza - The Dark, Delirious Morning    
Bobby, Grayson & Laurie at Gray's Pub.
Matt Hires - Honey Let Me Sing You A Song    
End of Show

Episode 13 "Stop Dragging My Heart Around"

REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You
At Grayson's house, Laurie turns on the radio, this song plays & continues over next few scenes.
Ernie Halter - Close Your Eyes And Wander
Bar source
Josh Auer - Guilty By Association
Bar source
Nick Howard - Shine On
End of show

Episode 14 "All the Wrong Reasons"   
Low Stars - Calling All Friends
End Of Show
WAZ - Why Can't We
Walking montage where Jules and Ellie walk onto the court
WAZ - Nothing Last Forever   
Jules is chasing Ellie around the neighborhood
Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town   
This song plays over montage of photos of guys' night out.

Episode 15 "When a Kid Goes Bad"

Josh Auer - Still Not Over You      
Bar source
Marching Band - Feel Good About It   
Grayson is hanging lights for Valentine's Day

Episode 16 "What Are You Doin' in My Life?"
The Blizzards - Buy It Sell It"      
Ellie & Bobby officially become friends again and Jules co-signs a loan for Laurie's condo
Chris Koza - Straight To Video   
Bar source
The Heavenly States - Gin and Tonic   
Bar source

Episode 17 "Counting on You"   
Mezzanine Owls - We Don't   
Bobby & Grayson are eating at Gray's Pub, Travis comes to the table.
Whiskeytown - Don't Wanna Know Why
Ellie and Andy explain to Jules that they have a strong marriage, even when they fight. Travis and Bobby work out their differences, and Bobby calls Travis a man. Tom sits reading when a threatening boot drops down his chimney. Jules and Grayson talk about relationships as they watch Andy ride his motorcycle.
Keren DeBerg - Boy On TV
Ellie & Jules in Gray's Pub drinking wine.

Episode 18 "Turn This Car Around"
Mandrew - Good Days
At Gray's pub.
Taddy Porter - In The Morning
Grayson and Mary have a drink at a crowded, loud bar.
Valley Lodge - Over It   
Grayson talks to Bobby and Mary shows up
Miike Snow - Animal
Jules reflects on her life and advises Laurie to dream while Andy dukes it out with the dog. Grayson explains himself to Sara, which makes him interesting to her, then they see the dog sitting on Andy. Jules is driving with Ellie, then pulls over to talk on the phone and has a revelation that she can still change and celebrates.

Episode 19 "Everything Man"

(clicca per mostrare/nascondere)

Episode 20 "Wake up Time"
Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle   
Bobby & Andy stand and stare at each other in Jules house while this song plays, playing emotional chicken.
Ryan Calhoun - Sometimes Sorry Is The Wrong Thing To Say
Bar source, Jules & Ellie drink wine at Gray's Pub & talk about Travis being heartbroken.
Karen Deberg - Believe
1st Use: coffee shop source, Jules & Laurie wait in line, Laurie scans the room. - 2nd Use: coffee shop source, Andy & Laurie talk about their trip to the petting zoo.
The Throws - My Sugar
Bar source, in Gray's Pub Jules sits at bar with Grayson eating cheese sticks.
Saturn Missiles - See You On The Other Side
Bar source, Jules talks to Kyle, Travis enters.
The Attorneys - Open Up
Bar restaurant source
Mezzanine Owls - Tethered To The Fountain
Bar source, at Gray's Pub, Jules east a bowl of real ice cream.
Hungry Kids Of Hungary - Arrest This Heart   
Bar source, at Gray's Pub, Jules east a bowl of real ice cream.

Episode 21 "Letting You Go"
Enya - Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
1st Use: This song blasts as Grayson, in acid wash jeans rocks out and sings along. - 2nd Use: As Ellie sleeps, muffled music is heard in the bg, downstairs Bobby & Andy watch Grayson rock out to this
Karen Deberg - Samantha
Coffee House scene
Taddy Porter - In The Morning
Jules & Laurie talk about Smith not being a drama guy.
Josh Auer - Not Interested
Gray's Pup Jules & Grayson talk about Travis going to college.
Jake Walden - Too Young
Laurie & Smith talk at Grays Pub.
Needtobreathe - Something Beautiful
End of show

Episode 22 "Feel a Whole Lot Better"

The Goldhawks - Keep The Fire      
A sexy song plays to episode end as Jules & Grayson kiss in the street.

Episode 23 "Breakdown"

Nuno Bettoncourt - Pursuit of Happiness
End of show

Episode 24 "Finding Out"
Taddy Porter - Shake Me
Gray's Pub, Jules tells Grayson she hasn't told Bobby about them yet.
Leona Naess - Leave Your Boyfriends Behind
Song plays over montage of everyone going to the beach.


La guida verrà aggiornata ad ogni episodio :zizi:
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Re: Cougar Town Music Guide
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Season 2

Episode 1 "All Mixed Up"
Cary Brothers - Belong
End song.

Episode 2 "Let Yourself Go"
Rogue Wave - Eyes   
Everyone has gathered to see Travis leave for college with hugs all around. Ellie and Andy discover that Stan is walking for the first time but Jules is not interested.

Episode 3 "Makin' Some Noise"
Ian Gomez and cast -Slow Ride      
in Jules' new jam room, she starts to play the drums, we hear "sloppy" version of this song, plays to end.
Valley Lodge - All Of My Loving
Possible bar source, Andy, wearing a dark winter hat, and Bobby, sit at Gray's Pub.

Episode 4 "The Damage You've Done"
Pray Harper - The Size of Your Heart      
End of Show Song.

Episode 5 "Keeping Me Alive"
Marching Band - It Is Hidden (Acoustic Version)
End of Show Song.

Episode 6 "You Don't Know How It Feels"
WAZ - Won't Cost a Thing
End of Show Song.

Episode 7 "Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)"
Enrique Iglesias - Hero
This song plays as Bobby successfully uses the Neti Pot.
Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before   
At Jules birthday party, Jules & Andy dirty dance.

Episode 8 "Little Girl Blues"

Episode 9 "When the Time Comes"
Young Empires - Glory Of The Night
Travis awkwardly dances to music in front of his computer for Kristen, music changes to slow song.
Teddy Pendegrass - Tender   
This song plays at Jules romantic Thanksgiving dinner, song lyrics mentioned in dialogue.
Joshua Radin - The Rock and the Tide   
Everyone's around Jule's dinner table about to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.
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