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Gotham 3x19

Supergirl 2x22

Baby Daddy 6x11

Jane The Virgin 3x20

Lucifer 2x17

Better Call Saul 3x07

Angie Tribeca 3x07

BBC Horizon 2017x06

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Charlie Brookers 2016 Wipe
Jim Jefferies Freedumb
Bo Burnham Make Happy
Trevor Noah Lost In Translation
Stewart Lee Comedy Vehicle Stagione 1 Completa
Richard Pryor Omit the Logic
Anthony Jeselnik Thoughts and Prayers
Amy Schumer Mostly Sex Stuff
Jim Jefferies Bare
Louis C.K. Live at the Comedy Store
Andy Kaufman The Midnight Special
Robin Williams Weapons of Self Destruction
Russell Peters Red White and Brown
Robert Schimmel Life Since Then
Jim Carrey Unnatural Act
Bill Cosby Himself
Doug Stanhope No Refunds
Louis C.K. One Night Stand
Ricky Gervais Out of England
Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater
Dany Boon Waika
The Yes Men Fix the World
George Carlin Jammin' in New York
Bill Hicks Revelations
Bill Maher Victory Begins at Home
American - The Bill Hicks Story
Rowan Atkinson Live
Jerry Seinfeld Im Telling You for the Last Time
Chris Rock Kill the Messenger
Bill Hicks Sane Man
Robert Schimmel Unprotected
George Carlin You Are All Diseased
Bill Hicks Relentless

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The White Princess 1x06


The Son 1x08


The Leftovers 3x06


The Simpsons 28x22


Scandal 6x16


Guerrilla 1x06


Lucifer 2x17


Family Guy 15x19


Grace and Frankie 3x09


Sense8 2x09


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