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GENERE  Comedy

ULTIMO EPISODIO   1x09  "Perseverance" il 12/12/2006





Martedì 21:30

Episodio 1x09


Diretto da: David Steinberg
Scritto da: Craig DiGregorio
Guest Stars: Meredith Roberts, Ryan Templeton, Susan Chuang, Wayne Lopez, Michael Edwin, Joanna Leeds, Bashir Salahuddin, Tim Meadows, David Anthony Higgins, Toby Huss, Brenda Strong

This week advice to the group is about persevering through difficult situations. Bill has his own to deal with when he tries to re-enter the dating scene after 25 years, and invites a pretty woman to an impromptu party but she doesnt show up. Meanwhile, Darlene is upset with Michael because he forgot about their anniversary, Dave accidentally eats some tainted brownies before departing for a co-worker's birthday party, and Jonathan invites the group to a popular yogurt shop in order to bond on his birthday.
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