Help Me Help You

GENERE  Comedy

ULTIMO EPISODIO   1x09  "Perseverance" il 12/12/2006





Martedì 21:30

Episodio 1x04

Pink Freud

Diretto da: Jason Ensler
Scritto da: Ron Weiner
Guest Stars: Charlie E. Schmidt Jr., Brian Patrick Wade, Christopher Gehrman, Dave Shalansky, Chris Prinzo, Chris Akers, Zachary Sauers, Harriet Sansom Harris, David Anthony Higgins, Michael McKean, Tim Meadows

Bill brags to Anne that his ragged garage band has a gig, so he has to find one---and persuade his mates to play. And in therapy, he tells the group to find their voices. This troubles Dave because his soon-to-visit mother who never talks about anything substantive. And Jonathan takes the message to heart at his gym, where he has trouble dealing with nudity in the locker room.
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