Help Me Help You

GENERE  Comedy

ULTIMO EPISODIO   1x09  "Perseverance" il 12/12/2006





Martedì 21:30

Episodio 1x03

Fun Run

Diretto da: Peter Lauer
Scritto da: Rodney Rothman
Guest Stars: Christopher Grundy, Michael Naughton, Lee Warren Jones, Philip Rosenthal, Dustin Ray, Jonathan Katz, Trevor Einhorn, Neil Soni

After being informed by colleagues from his Group Group -- group therapy for those who run group therapy -- that his competitiveness may have led to his impending divorce, Bill sets out to change his ways and woo Anne back. Meanwhile, Inger is in for a shock when she meets her online gaming husband, Darlene takes a disastrous stab at advertising for her real estate business, and Jonathan is taken aback when Bill doesnt believe that he can run a six-minute mile. Phil Rosenthal, Jonathan Katz and Jane Lynch guest star as members of the Group Group
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