The Mentalist

GENERE  Crime, Drama, Mystery

ULTIMO EPISODIO   6x17  "Silver Wings of Time" il 13/04/2014

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Domenica 22:00

Episodio 1x00

Pilot (Preair)

Diretto da: David Nutter
Scritto da: Bruno Heller
Guest Stars: Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, Mandy McMillian, Jeffrey Nordling, Zeljko Ivanek, Jack Plotnick, Michael Holden, Angela Martinez, Gail O'Grady, D. David Morin, Shaun Toub, Lana Asanin, Steven Culp, Tim Guinee, Tara Karsian, Mark Llewelyn

This episode introduces us to the complex life of Patrick Jane, a police detective with a troubled past who has a keen eye for detail. When a man and woman are found dead in their home, many believe they are victims of a serial killer, but Patrick knows better and must prove that this was not the work of Red John.
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