The Secret Life of the American Teenager

GENERE  Drama, Family, Romance/Dating, Teens

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Episodio 2x06

The Summer of Our Discontent

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Amy refuses to let Ben come over to say goodbye to her and John for the summer, but instead allows Ricky to take John to his new appartment. Marc Molina, the school guidance counselor, resigns at the end of the school year, while Anne starts pushing the divorce after she decides to accept David's marriage proposal. At the same time, Ashley reaches a breaking point urging George to tell Anne that the baby is his and Grace gets accepted into a medical school for the summer. Upon packing, Ben confronts Leo about Betty, but Leo reassures Ben that he trusts her. Meanwhile, Ricky is at Amy's house picking up John for the night, and Ben comes over to say goodbye to Amy. Ricky walks in on Ben and Amy kissing, but Ben gets angry and leaves.
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