Everybody Hates Chris

GENERE  Comedy

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Episodio 1x18

Everybody Hates Corleone

Diretto da: Chris Rock
Scritto da: Felicia D. Henderson
Guest Stars: Alison Frazier, Moel Dewes, Kelly Barksdale, Cary Thompson, Kool Moe Dee, Dan Leegant, Josh Clark, Melvin Jackson Jr., Tyrone Granderson Jones, Drake Kemper, Tyler Kramer, Brooke Mackenzie, Jeris Lee Poindexter, Lynda Scarlino, Tim Meadows

The daily beatings at his school have Chris wanting to change schools. But when Julius and Rochelle won't let him change Chris resorts to attempts at getting himself expelled. Julius gets a job at a fish market. He makes more money, but his family is upset because he always comes home smelling like fish.
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