The Amazing Race

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Race to the Finish (2)

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The three teams, from Alaska have to travel back to the starting point in New York City where Frank and Margarita live. This worries Rob and Brennan. Frank and Margarita think they have it in the bag but at the final pit stop in Flushing Meadows Park where all the eliminated teams are waiting, Rob and Brennan are the first to cross the finish line. Frank and Margarita are the next team to arrive, obviously disappointed because of their loss. Joe and Bill are informed of Rob and Brennan's win back in Alaska and although they are disappointed they are glad that Rob and Brennan had won the race. In post-race interviews, Frank and Margarita claim they have won more than a million dollars in that of the rekindling of their relationship. Rob is happy to have won the race and to have won it with his best friend, Brennan.
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