GENERE  Adult Cartoons, Comedy, Sci-Fi

ULTIMO EPISODIO   7x26  "Meanwhile" il 04/09/2013






Episodio 1x05

Fear Of A Bot Planet
Paura del pianeta robot

Diretto da: Peter Avanzino, Carlos Baeza, Ashley Lenz, Chris Suave
Scritto da: Evan Gore, Heather Lombard
Guest Stars: Tom Kenny, Byrne Offutt

At Madison Cube Garden watching a blernsball game, Bender complains about the poor treatment of robots. They're only there to clean up, polish the balls or water the fields. They never get any respect. Later, Bender must deliver a package to a planet inhabited by murderous robots that kill humans on sight. He discovers a robotopia - a land where the robot is king! However, when Leela and Fry are captured, Bender must choose between protecting his celebrity status or saving his friends.
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