GENERE  Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama

ULTIMO EPISODIO   8x24  "Day 8: 3:00P.M. - 4:00P.M." il 24/05/2010

PROSSIMO EPISODIO   9x00  "24: Live Another Day: Jack Is Back" il 03/05/2014





Lunedì 21:00

Episodio 4x06

Day 4: 12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M.

Diretto da: Jon Cassar
Scritto da: Matt Michnovetz
Guest Stars: René Millán, Albie Selznick, J. Patrick McCormack, Kevin Alejandro, Taneka Johnson, John Beard

Jack initiates a fierce gun battle with the terrorists as he races to rescue Heller and Audrey before the military strike begins. Dina questions her own dedication to their cause when her husband reveals his plans for Behrooz. Driscoll and Curtis uncover new evidence that points to an even bigger attack by the terrorists. Audrey has an awkward meeting with her husband, and Heller butts heads once again with his son.
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