CSI: New York

GENERE  Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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Episodio 3x05

Oedipus Hex
Il tatuaggio

Diretto da: Scott Lautanen
Scritto da: Ken Solarz, Anthony E. Zuiker
Guest Stars: Darrel Allen Labert, Jack Hannibal, Stephanie Denise Griffin, Kenny Copeland Jr, Jayson Blair, Hector Atreyu Ruiz, Joshua Campbell, Natashia Williams, Marvin Jordan, Pancho Demmings, Allison Miller, Zoli Suicide, Razzi Suicide, Fractal Suicide, Sawa Su

The CSI's handle to puzzling cases; Carensa is a young Suicide Girl who at 17, wanted a change of scenery and to become a Suicide girl, at 18 she gets her wish only to lose her life. Chopper, a rising street basketball star, a homeless man trying to change his life for the better is killed and leaves a painful trail of blood which leaves Mac to figure out where and how he died.
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