CSI: New York

GENERE  Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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Episodio 2x01

Summer in the City
Estate in città

Diretto da: David Von Ancken
Scritto da: Pam Veasey
Guest Stars: Gary Kasper, Alla Korot, Allen Lulu, Tom Schanley, Amy Stewart, Chad Williams, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Natalina Maggio, Pippi, David Rodwell, Pippi Boecher, Peter Dobson, John Johnson, David Julian Hirsh, Jamie Elman, Elizabeth Bennett, Mark Aiken

Stella and Danny investigate when a jewellery designer is found dead, wearing the eight million dollar bra he created, and investigate the model he had shot and her bodyguard. Aiden begins to take the rape case she has been working on a little too personally, and is determined to stop the man before he can rape again. Hawkes gets to go into the field for the first time as he assists Mac in investigating the death of a man who liked to climb skyscrapers.
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