One Tree Hill

GENERE  Drama, Sports

ULTIMO EPISODIO   9x13  "One Tree Hill" il 04/04/2012





Mercoledì 20:00

Episodio 2x13

The Hero Dies In This One

Diretto da: Kevin Dowling
Scritto da: Jennifer Cecil
Guest Stars: Cullen Moss, Katherine Bailess, Daniella Alonso, Michelle Branch, Jessica Harp, Lindsey McKeon

When Michelle Branch & Jessica Harp from the band "The Wreckers" perform at TRIC, Haley realizes her passion is to pursue her music career. Meanwhile, Lucas decides to move in with Dan, straining his relationships with both Karen and Nathan. Brooke runs for student council president, but quickly realizes she is taking on more than she bargained for. Peyton and Jake's friendship grows stronger. Brooke finds out that Mouth broke her car window. Lucas gets his HCM results and aren't what they turn out to be.
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