Nurse Jackie

GENERE  Comedy, Drama, Medical, Thriller

ULTIMO EPISODIO   6x02  "Pillgrimage" il 20/04/2014

PROSSIMO EPISODIO   6x03  "Super Greens" il 27/04/2014





Domenica 21:00

Episodio 4x04

Slow Growing Monsters

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Jackie catches Grace with a boy at a carnival and takes her, not before deleting the number from the boys phone. While at the carnival, Grace announces to Fiona and Zoey that Jackie went to rehab. Jackie goes to an AA meeting with Charlie only to find out that he is using again. Kevin forced Eddie to tell him what Jackie took, when they were having the affair, before telling Eddie to tell Jackie to "Kiss her kids goodbye". Jackie almost relapses when a patient gives her their medications. She throws them in a dumpster and then tries to retrieve them and falls in. She then gets out and walks away pill free. Charlie is revealed to be Dr.Cruz"s son.
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