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[Commenti] 2x04 - Bugged
« il: 20 November 2007, 12:35:25 »
Coreen chiede a Vicky di indagare su un omicidio avvenuto in un bar Goth. La vittima sembra essere stata uccisa da degli insetti.

(Giving Coreen advice before going in the club to find drugs)
Vicki: Alright, you have one hour. If you don't make contact during that time I want you to get out. If you look nervous you're gonna draw heat, so be careful. If you do get into trouble I want you to say "my mother's not going to like this" and I will come right in.
Coreen: I know what I'm doing.
Vicki: Alright, don't accept any drinks from anyone, don't leave your drink unattended, if anyone gives you drugs take them, but do not take them, do you understand?
Coreen: And I will look both ways before I cross the road, and I will floss after every meal, and I'll wear a sweater just in case it gets cold. I'll be fine.
Vicki: Well you better be or I'll kick your ass

Vicki: Who's gonna tell me what's going on?
Mike: It's best if you don't know.
Vicki: Best if I don't know what?
Henry: Telling you would kind of defeat the purpose of "it's best if you don't know".

Mike: Keep in mind Fitzroy I'm not doing this for you. I don't even like you.
Henry: Since we're affording each other the courtesy of bluntness, I don't like you either. Vicki seems to trust you with her life, that's good enough for me.

Coreen: But what makes you think he was doing drugs? Because they dress in black?
Vicki: Oh yeah, yeah, I always judge a person's character based entirely on their wardrobe decisions.

Vicki: Coreen, be still. No one likes a perky goth.

Henry: Shall we, Renfield?
Renfield è un personaggio del Dracula di Bram Stoker, noto come il servo di Dracula.
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