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[Commenti] 2x03 - 5:55
« il: 20 November 2007, 12:30:49 »
Vicky continua a svegliarsi allo stesso giorno e alla stessa ora, con una catena d'eventi che continua a ripetersi all'infinito.

Henry: If it's any consolation, I believe it takes much more than a silk accessory to win a woman over.

(Talking on the phone in a Southern accent)
Vicki: Oh well, Gary, you are just sweeter than a Tennessee-
(She spots Henry)
Vicki: Williams.
(She hangs up and turns to Henry)
Vicki: Don't!
Henry: Do one thing for me. Tell me you've always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Mike: Just covering the bases.
(looks at Kate)
Vicki: Every one. So you went out celebrating in your lucky tie, with her.
Mike: Yeah, entirely professional.
(Vicki walks away, and Mike calls out)
Mike: It's just a tie Vicki!

Henry: To tell you the truth, I don't have experience of anything except this last time.
Vicki: You ended the world for me cuz you believed I can bring it back. You trusted me.
Henry: Trust can be extremely stimulating.
Vicki: It can at that.
Henry: Do you mind?
(Vicki nods no and Henry bites her)

 Vicki: Is a drink an implied sexual advance?
Henry: Other than our strange sexless relationship we seem to share, I don't have much experience in the world of dating.
Vicki: Really? So you don't get your groove on before you put the bite on?
Henry: My relationships are usually intense and passionate from the first glance. I don't need to make a sexual advance. (he hugs Vicki from behind) I am one.
Vicki: I hate it when you do that.
Henry: I know.

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Re: [Commenti] 2x03 - 5:55
« Risposta #1 il: 29 November 2007, 11:10:34 »
Non male questo storia dei giorni ricorrenti è sempre stata un argomento affascinante e qui sono riusciti a svilupparla piuttosto bene. Bella l'idea del Vaso di Pandora....